Conducting board self-assessments, peer assessments, CEO performance assessments, and employee engagement assessments every 2-3 years is considered a best practice in furthering your mission.

All MHS Association assessment tools are available to you at no fee as part of your MHS Association membership. These tools have been specially curated for you, our member, to review accomplishments, note particular strengths, and consider areas for improvement. Assessment questions and regular engagement allows for benchmark data to be examined to determine organizational trends over time.

Customizations of up to 4 additional organization-specific questions are available should members require additional data collection.

For fully customizable reports, members can collaborate with MHS Consulting (MHSC) at a fee.

Additional information for each assessment can be found below. Please contact or call 574.534.9689 to request more information, request a sample, or to schedule an assessment.

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MHS Association Board Assessment

The Board Assessment blends perspectives from various governance approaches and includes the following dimensions: board practice, fiduciary oversight, strategic engagement, generative/creative work, integration of faith and values in board work, and personal board member engagement. The assessment process typically takes 5-7 weeks.

A business man presenting during a boardroom meeting
Businesswoman during presentation in board room.

MHS Association Board Peer Assessment

The MHS Association Board Peer Assessment tool is a brief survey typically used to measure a board member’s individual position on the board as they are being considered for reappointment.

MHS Association CEO Performance Assessment

MHS Association offers customized CEO assessments through our online CEO Performance Assessment tool.

A timely and objective review of the CEO’s performance is an important responsibility of the Board of Directors. It is essential that the Board and CEO have a shared understanding of the accomplishments and strengths of the CEO as well as areas where further improvement is needed. In addition, the performance review process provides opportunity to identify goals for the coming year. The assessment process typically takes 5-7 weeks.

A CEO discussing with one of his direct reports
Smiling businesswoman going over paperwork with colleagues during meeting

MHS Association Employee Engagement Assessment

Employees are the most important asset of an organization and their satisfaction at work is a key indicator of the success of the organization. Initiating a well-designed engagement assessment can be an effective way to gain a whole population view on the state of employee satisfaction within the organization. The assessment provides critical feedback to the CEO and potentially increases early identification of any areas that need clarification. MHS Association recommends that this tool not be used in isolation, but rather that it exists alongside a plan for communicating the results with employees, and a plan to ensure the assessment results are used to strengthen the organization’s communication, collaboration, and celebration with employees. MHS Association recommends at least 9-12 weeks to complete the assessment process.

Please contact or call 574.534.9689 to learn more or to schedule an assessment.