MHS Association is here to help your organization achieve it’s best outcomes while staying true to its Anabaptist roots.

About Our Members

Most current members are affiliated with an Anabaptist denomination, such as Mennonite Church USA, US Mennonite Brethren, or the Brethren in Christ U.S. MHS Association membership spans many disciplines, including: retirement communities, mental and behavioral health services providers, acute care hospitals, ministries serving troubled children and families, healthcare centers, and programs serving people with disabilities. Our current membership—of 73 organizations—serves people of all ages across the United States. Membership fees are adjusted for organizational size.

The MHS Association Advantage

MHS Association members enjoy a distinct advantage, as they have unlimited access to a full range of programs and services carefully designed to support their unique, kingdom-building work. Our unique faith combined with years of collaborative experience allows us to offer the tools and resources needed for success.

To better understand if MHS Association membership is the right investment for your organization, review this list of questions:

  • Could your team benefit from strengthened governance and leadership planning?
  • Would you benefit from shared ideas through networking and collaboration?
  • Could you improve your bottom line by saving money through shared services?
  • Would you enjoy working with talented, faith-inspired, and values-oriented consultants who understand your mission and ministry?

If you answered YES to any (or all!) of these questions, then MHS Association membership is certainly an investment worth considering. Call MHS Association at 574.534.9689 or email if you would like more information about membership and how it can benefit your ministry.

MHS Assembly 2024: Building Up