Medical Expense Plan

The Medical Expense Plan (MEP) is a self-funded church plan sponsored by MHS Association and available to qualified MHS Association members. The plan encourages member organizations to work together to improve employee health and manage medical expenses.

“Our organization is able to better afford group health insurance with the shared risk pool. The expertise, experience and shared commitment of all the other member agencies is priceless in sound management decisions.”

CEO Adriel Inc.


Provide cost-effective and comprehensive employee health benefits to organizations that share common beliefs about stewardship, mutual aid, and community. MHS Association members seeking a fresh perspective on health are encouraged to consider this plan, where members share cost and responsibility as owners of the MEP.

Who Can Join

MHS Association members with 25 or more insurance-eligible employees can receive a quote and risk estimate to see if MEP is a good fit for their organization.


Plan members are represented by their CEO who sits on the Governing Council. This council meets quarterly to create policies for MEP, set strategic direction, and provide direction to the Managing Director and third party administrator to carry out the policies and strategies. Human Resources management staff also work together as an Administrative Committee to provide advice and recommendations on improvement.

How We Do It

Volume Purchasing

The Medical Expense Plan qualifies to purchase medical services through Highmark’s nationwide Blue Cross, Blue Shield network (the Blues) from its partnership with Everence, providing affiliation with the Church Benefits Association. It joins with other denominations to gain the negotiating clout of over 130,000 members. The Church Benefits Association is Highmark’s largest national account.

Financial Distribution to Members

If shared risk claims are lower than expected, employers are eligible to receive distributions of unused funds. Employers benefit from favorable claims experience.

Church Plan Status

Self-funding through MHS Association provides members access to church plan status – an IRS designation that provides additional benefits such as fewer regulations and lower administration costs. This provides members with more funds for their mission.

For more information contact:

COO & MEP Managing Director

Clare Krabill

Phone Number

(574) 534-9689