Faithful at Work: Unveiling Justice Through Anabaptist Principles in the Workplace


December 19, 2023

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

MHS Association hosts quarterly webinars that focus on the integration of faith in the workplace. As part of that focus, we will be engaging in a discussion on justice. This two-part series will take a look at how Anabaptist faith principles are rooted in justice, and how they apply within the workplace to create a culture of belonging. 

Join us for the first of this webinar series led by Regina Shands Stoltzfus, professor of peace, justice, and conflict studies at Goshen College. We will talk about the importance of discussing justice, how to define justice, and how to develop and look through a lens of justice in our work. 


Regina Shands Stoltzfus,Professor of Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies

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