Medicare 101 for HR Professionals


June 4, 2024

2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

It is a common trend that more Americans are working past the age of 65. Employers, and HR professionals specifically, are engaging more with the nuances and complexities of the Medicare system. Everence Financial Medicare Specialists Cassandra Zetts and Leah Ludwig will educate HR professionals on common pitfalls, best practices, and how they can support employees transitioning to Medicare and/or retiring through this dynamic presentation.

The Everence Medicare Specialists will discuss the Medicare enrollment process and the role HR professionals play in helping their employees have a smooth transition of coverage; with an overview of Medicare’s main enrollment periods and how to avoid penalties. The Everence Medicare team will review specific Medicare rules targeting different employer sizes; and how coordination of benefits works regarding employer coverage and COBRA. Additionally, the presenters will address specific rules around Medicare and HSAs. The presenters will also provide tips to HR professionals on when and how to complete Medicare enrollment forms accurately.

HR professionals will learn about how Medicare works, what is and is not covered by Medicare, and what employees should know as they plan for their transition to Medicare. This will include information on the different coverage paths employees could take, which may involve retaining part or all of their employer coverage.

Attendees will…

  1. …learn to complete Medicare enrollment forms accurately.
  2. …learn when coverage is primary or secondary to Medicare.
  3. …be able to advise employees on when and how to enroll in Medicare.
  4. …understand the Medicare rules around HSAs and COBRA.
  5. …be able to correctly identify the parts of their coverage employees may want to retain.


Meet our presenters: 

Leah Ludwig, CSA® is an Everence® Financial Consultant specializing in Medicare in the Everence Souderton, Pa., office. Leah is a Certified Senior Advisor who works with professionals, organizations and individuals helping them understand and navigate the complexities of Medicare. She and her husband live in Bucks County, Pa., where they parent their two wonderfully curious boys. Leah also gives time to her local church, serving in lay leadership.

Cassandra Zetts, CSA® is a Financial Consultant with Everence® and a Certified Senior Advisor. She works out of the Souderton, PA office, where she specializes in Medicare. Cassandra works to make the complicated Medicare system understandable and provide confidence to individuals and organizations as they engage with this unique institution. Cassandra was formerly a middle school and high school educator and prides herself on putting education at the forefront of her professional goals. She lives in the Montgomery County area of Pennsylvania with her husband, 4-year-old, and 1-year-old.



Cassandra Zetts, CSA®,Financial Consultant

Leah Ludwig, CSA®,Financial Consultant

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