From Good to Great: Unleashing Leadership Potential through Executive Coaching

By Riley Mills November 30, 2023

Leadership is not a divine right and, as many will attest, it harbors more challenge than ease.

But leadership is not a role sought after for its glory; it’s a willingness to offer up one’s gifts and talents, lending them to the people around them. It emanates from an unconditional readiness to serve and a dedication to uplifting those they represent. However, even the most seasoned leaders occasionally need a boost, and as with any worthwhile endeavor, there’s always room for growth. One avenue for self-improvement is through the valuable tool of executive coaching.

Executive coaching might seem daunting – let’s acknowledge that right away. Exploring the idea of coaching might make you feel like something is amiss with your leadership style or that there’s dissatisfaction from others about your current approach, perhaps even that seeking guidance implies weakness in leadership. Let’s debunk these misconceptions.

“The greatest value in executive coaching may be the opportunity to improve your competence and increase your strengths in a way that is tailored specifically for you and your leadership role,” explains Shana Peachey Boshart, a consultant and executive coach with MHS Consulting.  “Many leaders are lifelong learners, and an executive coaching relationship can help you learn more quickly, have more clarity about your goals, and meet those goals earlier. It’s a way to do the most you can with the resources you’ve got and, at the same time, gain a sense of confidence and calm.”

Executive coaching is a safe space for you to explore and verbalize your goals, challenges, and concerns with a trained professional. Think of yourself as a bowl of ice cream. Ice cream on its own is a treat, but if you add whipped cream and a cherry on top (or any other assortment of your favorite toppings) the sweet treat only increases in value and desire. Coaching can be the cherry on top of your leadership career.

“If an executive were on the fence about coaching, I’d say, “Why not try it?” Like most things in executive leadership, once you experience it, executive coaching is immediately demystified,” encourages Peachey Boshart. “Stop wondering if you could benefit from it and give a coach a call. Do make sure they are credentialed, though, and remember that like so many other helping professions, a good fit makes all the difference. The more specific you can be about what you want to get from coaching, the more likely it will be that you’ll find a coach who will meet your expectations.”

Shana Peachey Boshart is one of several executive coaches available through MHS Consulting. As she notes, it’s important to find the right coach to fit your goals and communication style. If you want to learn more about MHS Consulting’s team of experts, you can visit their website to explore all of their services and consulting associates. And, taking a note from Nike, if you’re thinking about coaching but are on the fence, “Just do it.”