Is It Time to Upgrade Your Membership?

By Riley Mills June 20, 2023

How do you know you’re ready for a membership upgrade?

If you are already an MHS Association member, it may be time to upgrade your membership. But how do you know if that’s the right step for your organization? There are benefits you receive from membership upgrades that may align with your organization’s future goals.

If you are…

…then an upgrade in membership might be the right next step for you.

For OrrVilla Retirement Community, it was time to take the next step. “I’m bringing MHS [Association] in to stay accountable to who we are, who our foundation is, and that’s the primary reason I’m making the move I’m making,” says OrrVilla’s Executive Director, Myron Weaver. “MHS offers collaboration between chaplains, collaboration between marketing and sales, collaboration between finance, and all this collaborative work has an impact on the broader community.  I have yet to have an [OrrVilla] employee come back who was a part of one of these collaborations and say there wasn’t value.”

“I’m bringing MHS [Association] in to stay accountable to who we are, who our foundation is, and that’s the primary reason I’m making the move I’m making.”

Myron Weaver Executive Director, OrrVilla

When is the best time to upgrade?

If your organization is ready to jump into strategic planning or is in need of board education, this upgrade can happen now. These benefits come at no fee to you at the Innovating membership level. In comparison to hiring outside consultation, your membership cost may provide you with savings.

If you aren’t quite ready for those next steps – that’s okay! Make sure you are taking full advantage of your MHS Association member benefits at your current level (keep reading!).

What are MHS Association membership levels, and what are my benefits?

Networking Member

As a Networking Member, you receive access to the following:

Learning Member

As a Learning Member, you have access to all of the above benefits with the addition of gaining access to the Medical Expense Plan (MEP) and Peace Church Insurance products.

Innovating Member

If you are an Innovating Member, your MHS Association membership includes all of the resources and programs included in the Networking and Learning levels, with the addition of the following:

Membership is based on value, and if you are looking to add additional value to the engagement you already have with MHS Association, we’d be happy to talk through your current membership and what an upgrade could look like for your organization.

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