Optimizing Leadership Assessments: The Less-Formal Chief Executive Evaluation

By Karen Lehman January 24, 2024

While there is no single method or philosophy for conducting a chief executive annual review and evaluation, there are some best practices.

Both the chief executive and the board of directors will benefit from a thoughtful process designed to support and enhance the board and chief executive relationship and foster the growth and development of the executive and the organization.

Utilizing a formal evaluation is usually more than a one-year process. Therefore, we recommend that a less formal evaluation process be considered the year following the formal process, giving time for the chief executive to consider the findings and follow-up goals that are established in the formal report.

So, how does a less formal process work? We’ve established the following steps for you to consider when conducting a less formal review of your chief executive:

The main objective of the annual assessment or evaluation process, formal or less formal, is to encourage ongoing chief executive self-reflection, growth, and improvement. It also provides an opportunity for the board to be supportive of the executive in new ways and make any needed changes that can further support the chief executive in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.

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